LOVE 3 v1.3.3.0

LOVE 3 v1.3.3.0

New Features!

  • Expanded controller support! No longer tethered to xInput, as we've implemented input 5.6.1 from Juju Adams and Alynne Keith.
  • LOVE (2007) levels can now be chosen in Level Select and have their own time attack records. 
  •  Sum of Best: Now in Level Select, if you've completed every level, it'll show your sum of best times! 
  •  Input Display: Press Ctrl+Shift+I at any time to toggle a very basic input display at the top of the screen. 
  •  Migrated to the latest version of Game Maker for future updates. 
  •  Style Menu: Added to options, now you can choose some flair for your character. 
  •  Cheat Characters: hold the slow motion button while pressing left or right at the style menu 
  •  Hat


  •  LOVE Custom's death ball bouncer spawner fixed
  •  Level 7 of LOVE 3 had a depth issue if you beat it 100% without dying.
  •  Fixed an issue where players could skip level 1's secret in LOVE or LOVE Remastered and get a 100%
  •  You can no longer do a 100% run by skipping Level 25. That's a 99% run.
  •  Changed the way that sprite prefetching works, so it could load a whole half a second faster for some folks
  •  Fixed a long standing issue where sometimes game modes would be wrong when starting a new game
  •  Fixed an issue in <3 level 6 in mirror mode where the level would be impossible to see
  •  Fixed an issue where the dope gear sprite in some levels wouldn't actually kill you


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May 27, 2023

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