LOVE 3 v 1.0.5

Hey folks, I've taken a crack at some of the small remaining bugs, including a fix to one that resulted from another fix that was done slightly carelessly. Also a reminder for folks who didn't read the previous patch notes:

• General Change: For those paying attention to these changelogs, press "CTRL+SHIFT+L" or all four shoulder buttons at the title screen for a work in progress.

Come share your findings and thoughts in the official Discord, or let us know if you run into any issues by writing in the Bug Report thread!

Bug Fixes

• Checkpoint Change: Every once in a while, the player will squish through a pixel or two of the floor. If the player sticks their checkpoint there, it will get stuck there and cause unintended consequences. Now if the checkpoint is found to be under the ground, it tries to push it up four pixels. If it's stuck further than four pixels down, the checkpoint gets reset. This should not cause any issues with any casual play, and will keep cheaters from being able to absolutely ruin the leaderboards with exploits.
• Added an asterisk of shame for folks who don't complete a YOLO run without saving and continuing. There's no other punishment for it, just a little asterisk next to your run results to show that you had to save and continue. It's okay though, I can't do it either.
• LOVE 3 Level 2 / 25: Changed the sound that plays when operating the mover, which solves a previous
• LOVE 3 Level 4: Fixed a newly introduced bug which was messing up 100% runs
• LOVE 3 Level 7: Fixed an issue where pausing/unpausing would change the depth on the secret platforms.
• LOVE 2: kuso Level 3: Fixed a bug where decorative fans would disappear after pausing and unpausing.
• <3 Level 3: Occasionally you could be going so fast that you would die while finishing the level, but this
has been fixed.
• <3 Level 8: Occasionally you could be going so fast that you would die while finishing the level, but this has been fixed.
• Software Change: Previously I've been building the game using Game Maker Studio 2's YoYo Compiler (YYC). For this build, we're using VM, which may improve performance for some players.


LOVE 3 (Windows) 185 MB
Jan 21, 2022
LOVE 3 (Linux) 185 MB
Jan 21, 2022

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