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The city’s last residents leave their homes as the once thriving but now forsaken Motor City deteriorates in their wake. Detroit is unsalvageable.

Crime across the United States has skyrocketed. To ensure the safety and sanity of the restless population, police forces become privately funded, corporate entities. Irredeemable cities across the nation are repurposed into massive prisons.

Dubbed the Detroit Penal Project, Motor City is barricaded from the rest of Michigan and the nation. Behind the prison city’s towering walls the vilest of criminals toil for the duration of their life sentences.

A group of Techno-Terrorists infiltrates Detroit Prison City. The outsiders quickly indoctrinate the criminals and supply them with weapons to build an army. Each security zone is overtaken by an appointed Techno-Terrorist warden. Not much is known about the leader of the Techno-Terrorists or their motive, but the group has been in power ever since. 

Cancel your retirement and grab your chakram — because it’s time to get back in the game! As former cop Hal Bruzer, accept the Chief’s plea to raid Prison City’s security zones and end the Techno-Terrorists’ reign. Inspired by NES action titles, Prison City is a sidescrolling dystopian experience exploding with tight mechanics, intricate level design, and a satisfying narrative. Do rad things like:

  • Throw grenades, eat hot dogs, & locate contacts to obtain key cards
  • Uncover hidden weapon & health upgrades,
  • Charge through 8+ zones, ranging from Sewer, Factory, & Reserve,
  • & talk to a dolphin!

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