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I keep getting stuck in a wall.

Did this version get the latest patch from the Steam version? Fixing the snowboard glitch? Not sure if there was any other patches beyond that.


Just realized you put this in the Ukraine bundle. That's freakin awesome guys! I already bought the first two on steam but when my steam deck comes I'll try the new linux version of this on it, thanks!


YEAH! Be sure to check out Dumpy & Bumpy and LOVE 2: kuso which were also included in the Ukraine bundle! Hope you enjoy the updates in this Deluxe version :)



Linux DRM Free version of AVGN Deluxe 1 & 2 is now available for download! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


I ordered a physical copy for Switch, but seeing this game in the bundle was a wonderful surprise. Thanks!


This is fantastic! Also really loved seeing the game included in the Bundle for Ukraine supporting a great cause.


Thanks for putting it on and even better putting it in the Ukraine bundle.


hey everyone - thanks for your suggestions! looking into this now with FreakZone Games to see if we can get a Linux build suitable for

stay tuned!


a Linux version is in the works! more soon


Game works pretty great with default wine on Linux, Linux native version would be nice though.  


Can we get a Linux version of this? The standalone releases had Linux versions but not this bundle.