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Super fun! I really liked the addition of slow mo!


> Includes every level from LOVE, LOVE 2: kuso, and LOVE Remastered in addition to the original 42 track soundtrack

This is wonderful. I love when games do this. I have the original LOVE on Steam, and never got around to finishing it somehow, despite really liking it... Being able to pick up the whole series in one is great, especially for such a low price as $10. Y'all rule.

hey thanks! glad to hear all of this :)

Just a heads up, the Windows and Linux releases are mislabelled. The Linux link downloads the Windows version, and vice versa.

thank you for this

Could you please check the 1.2.0 Linux build ? It seems to have the same content as the Windows one.

Thanks in advance :)

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There's no Linux build... The Linux archive has the Windows version.

1.0.6 still works fine, though.

Edit: The Windows version seems to work fine under Wine, at least.